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Push Thru Athletics LLC is a skills training service based out of Northeast Ohio. The company was founded in 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio. Our service goes wherever we go placing us in multiple gyms, we offer a variety of training options with basketball being our main focus. We have weekly small group training in multiple locations on both sides of town West and East. One of our main gyms is St. Ignatius High School, which is where Push Thru started its initial weekly based training and we have been there the past 4yrs. We have most recently started training at the NEO Sportsplant, out in Euclid, Ohio. We’ve been at the Sportsplant for the past 1.5yrs and enjoy having access to this gym.



The Pushthru Athletics Experience

Our coaches are highly trained and experienced, some have even played at the professional level or are currently coaching a high level of basketball. We understand our role in the lives of the youth so we use sports to help build character and confidence. Many kids suffer from a lack of confidence and fear of failure so we created the solution and motto of REPS, REPS, and more REPS. We believe reps give you confidence, so we have provided a membership that allows our athletes to train a min of four times a week. Sign up for your monthly membership now, to have access to unlimited training with Push Thru Athletics LLC. We break our groups down into tiers, which are based on skill set and not limited to age, starting as early as 4yrs old.

We spend a lot of time working in the community with kids through our wonderful collaborations with some amazing non-profit organizations such as The After School All-Stars, The Merrick House, and Impact Youth Inc. We also are committed to personal growth and development and we have spent time with some professional trainers who have 20+ years of coaching/training under their belt. Some of these amazing people are Bob Nance, Sean O’Toole, Jermaine Gay, Ganon Baker, Mihai Raducanu to name a few.

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events.




Community Outreach


With Cleveland being home base we have managed to serve our community by partnering with a number of nonprofits to help fulfill our vision we have for the community. The After School All-Stars an outstanding Non-Profit organization that serves the city’s youth. We have been working with them for the past three years. 

We have also partnered with another Non-Profit Impact Youth Inc, which specialize in character building the



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Skill Trainers


Push Thru Athletics is a basketball skills training company based out of Northeast Ohio. We run skills development training all year round, starting with kids as young as 4. We strive to develop the character of our athletes on and off the court.

Hard Work

Coach Parker Trainer

Tom Parker Jr.

Coach Parker prides himself on being a motivating and informative trainer for the athletes he works with. He is a visual and hands-on teacher. Teaching thru action, experience and knowledge. "Reps Build Confidence" is his motto. Coach Parker is Ganon Baker Certified, so be ready to get after it!

Pushthru coach new

Rollie Smith

Widley known as "Mr. Miyagi", Coach Smith comes at you with an organic, original and creative teaching Style. He is the former Director for Youth Training with the Cavs & 76ers, a former pro player and the Creator of the Triple Threat Combo. Be ready to get inspired!